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JoyMasher is a stellar indie developer from Brazil keeping retro gaming alive and thriving with the likes of Oniken and, most recently, Blazing Chrome, a title that was quite popular at Nintendo Enthusiast. Their titles take strong influence from hits of the past but stand tall on their own merits regardless. Now, JoyMasher co-founder Danilo Dias has casually said on Twitter that he would genuinely like to work with Koei Tecmo on “the Ninja Gaiden IP to create Ninja Gaiden 4,” and he could “die like a hero” if he got to make that game.

Note that strong language is used in the following tweets.

Dias elaborates in follow-up tweets that his Ninja Gaiden 4 would be a 16-bit title, “like a SNES” game, and that he’s had the whole story for the game in his head since he was 13 years old. It would “take consideration of” the whole NES trilogy because Dias “is a Ninja Gaiden nerd.”

I don’t know about you, but if I were Koei Tecmo, I’d throw the opportunity to make Ninja Gaiden 4 at Danilo Dias and JoyMasher. They could do for Ryu Hayabusa what Inti Creates did for Mega Man with Mega Man 9 or what Christian Whitehead and co. did for Sonic with Sonic Mania. I’m all for it. What about you?

If you need some convincing, refresh yourself with a couple trailers.


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