Blizzard Arcade Collection free update adds Lost Vikings 2 & RPM Racing

Blizzard surprise-launched Blizzard Arcade Collection for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back in February during BlizzCon, delivering The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing, and Blackthorne for $19.99. It was a solid deal, but the deal is getting a lot better today. The latest update patch for Blizzard Arcade Collection introduces more quality-of-life features, plus the free addition of Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing to the collection.

As far as new features go, the collection’s Museum has received a Design Documents gallery that elucidates how original concepts were translated into finished video games (very cool!). Rock N Roll Racing in 4-player local multiplayer and in Definitive Edition has also received a Streamer Mode that uses MIDI versions of music, presumably so your stream doesn’t get flagged with a copyright notice.

The main event of this Blizzard Arcade Collection update is clearly Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing though. Lost Vikings 2 is obviously the sequel to the first game, and “Tapping into new abilities and joined by two new allies, the werewolf Fang and the dragon Scorch, on their quest to find their way back home,” the original three heroes continue to overcome various puzzles. Meanwhile, RPM Racing is the predecessor to Rock N Roll Racing, featuring “isometric perspective, different cars to choose from, the ability to make modular upgrades to your vehicle, career progress save functionality, and plenty of vehicular mayhem.”

The Blizzard Arcade Collection patch including this free update with Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing is available now.


John Friscia
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