Pockett continue to unearth new former-mobile-only indie titles heading to Nintendo’s eShop, as they have now discovered that Eiswuxe’s Bloo Kid 2 is being ported to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game is a port of the 2D platformer mobile release already available on iTunes and the Google Play store. The game stars Bloo Kid and Pink Girl who reunite after the events of the first game. The pair have also been very busy since the first outing and now have a child known as Pink Kid.

Bloo Kid 2 takes player over five worlds, each consisting of nine levels and at least one boss battle in each world. The game pays homage to retro platformers of the early 90’s and features a full chiptune soundtrack. No release date has been announced but it should be expected to launch some time later this year.

Stay tuned to Nintendo Enthusiast for more information.


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