Ubisoft Netflix Blood Dragon, Watch Dogs, Hungry Shark Squad, Rayman animated series

Ubisoft has revealed it will transform several more of its IP into animated series, including familiar and not-so-familiar adaptations of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Watch Dogs, Rayman, and mobile game Hungry Shark. Most notably, animated Castlevania series producer Adi Shankar is attached to Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe, a “young adult” series that will “form a multiverse with other Ubisoft titles,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Strangely enough, the Watch Dogs adaptation will be a “cybermystery” for tweens, and judging by the promotional art, it will be nothing like that series. Like, at all. But that’s fine — tweens need cartoons too.

Hungry Shark Squad and an unnamed comedy adventure show inspired by Rayman (yet notably lacking the character in its promotional image) will be aimed at all ages. Meanwhile, existing series Rabbids Invasion is getting a special set on Mars for some reason. Sure, whatever.

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The convergence of television shows and video games has been a long time coming, and I welcome its arrival. I can’t say I’m especially excited for any of these Ubisoft shows, (I never got around to playing Blood Dragon.) but I’m excited for the groundwork being laid for bigger things later. And I’m particularly eager for some other shows already announced, like Netflix’s The Witcher, (also) Netflix’s The Cuphead Show!, and the show based on Final Fantasy XIV.

Let us know if you are hyped for Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe or any of the other upcoming shows!

[Update: An earlier version of this story reported these animated series will be for Netflix, but this is not confirmed. We regret the error.]


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