Another day, another few Wii U eShop games announced. Don\’t know about you but I can\’t keep up!…


– Play as Selena, one of the last of the Wolf Clan
– Selena’s parents taught her to keep her abilities a secret
– Both parents are refugees from the werewolf genocide in Europe
– Fearing that their enemies would follow them to America, Selena’s father Nicolae taught her to fight
– Selena killed her first prey at 13, which is tradition for the Wolf Clan
– She receives the Wolf Clan Signal that she wears on her side
– Selena married Marko who is another Wolf Clan member
– The two move from the city to a small farm house away from others
– Selena eventually gave birth to her son Nickoli
– There was peace for awhile, but as the game opens, Selena comes hope and see that Marko has been brutally murdered and her son is missing
– Takes place over a single full moon night as Selena heads through the city controlled by the three major houses; Frankenstein, Jekyll, and Dracula
– Encounter and overcome many minions, obstacles, and bosses to find the last of the wolf line
– “brutal white knuckle experience”
– Working on unique GamePad features
– Leaderboard and friend tracking elements
– Level maps, and “secret area” indicators

Yes. We are working on an awesome tower defence game called Get Off My Lawn. You will play as an old man trying to keep the rascally trouble making neighbourhood kids off of your lawn throughout the year by utilizing a multitude of seasonal lawn ornaments.

We are also working on a sequel of sorts to Firefighter. It will be an Unreal Engine-driven, episodic action-packed shooter. As a player you will fear for your life in the same familiar fashion as the big cinematic shooters but driven by some new unique mechanics — the destructive fire enemy and the ever changing, choice-driving, destructible environments. The first person mechanics are the same as what you are used to, but the harrowing life and death experience in the face of a 1500 degree wall of fire or a collapsing city tower is something totally unique and new. The Wii U and its dual-screen ability on the GamePad make it a perfect fit. We think you will love it. Nathaniel “Than” McClure



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