It’s been a long time coming, but the blood-stained, carnal action game Bloodroots is almost ready for people to sink their teeth into. Developer Paper Cult announced today that the fast-paced indie action game is set to launch on February 28 for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop.

It was also revealed that developer Paper Cult brought in some help to flesh out the story of Bloodroots. Nick Suttner, a writer with credits on Guacamelee 2 and Celeste, was brought on to help the developers with fleshing out the characters of the game and writing snappier dialogue.

The indie action game sees you playing as Mr. Wolf, an animalistic killer betrayed and left for dead by one of his own. Fueled by revenge, he sets out alone to take on hordes of enemies sprawled across the Weird West to fight his way back to the top and find the person responsible for trying to kill him in the first place.

The world of Bloodroots is littered with makeshift weapons, and you’ll be performing blood-soaked ballet as you grab any and all of them in order to string together killer combos of violence across a variety of gorgeous, handcrafted levels.

Bloodroots will be available on the Nintendo Switch via the Eshop on February 28.


Miguel Moran
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