Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Nintendo Switch release date 2022 Team Reptile timed console exclusive for one damn week

The Nintendo Indie World Showcase today had a lot of surprising heavy-hitters as far as indie games go, and one of them is certainly Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Developer Team Reptile announced that graffiti action adventure Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a game that screams Jet Set Radio influence, will come to Nintendo Switch in 2022 as a timed console exclusive. Although, it is not very “timed,” because the new trailer for the game says that other platforms will follow “about a week later.” Regardless, one of the composers for the game is Hideki Naganuma, who also worked on Jet Set Radio (and is known as something of a comical pervert on Twitter).

Here is what you can expect from Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on Nintendo Switch, PC, and other platforms in 2022:

In this graffiti-action-adventure, grind, paint and combo your way up to become an All City King, one of the best graffiti artists in a sprawling metropolis. Expand your crew with additional playable characters and make use of the intuitive trick system to get around town. All of this is backed by beats from genre-breaking artists, including Hideki Naganuma.

In addition to Bomb Rush Cyberfunk in 2022, Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon is also coming to Nintendo Switch this winter. It is a stacked indie lineup headed to Switch in the near-ish future, to say nothing of Axiom Verge 2 and Garden Story launching today.

John Friscia
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