Looking for some psychedelic thrills on Switch? Akupara Games has just revealed a new title, Spinch, and it looks absolutely mental. I mean, we’re not entirely sure what’s going on, but this colorful platformer looks a blast to play. It’s due to arrive on Switch and PC on September 3, so you won’t have to wait long to get stuck into this weird and wonderful world.


Spinch looks like it dropped straight out of Adventure Time, or something of the sort. “Collect your babies & use them to bash bosses to bits” isn’t your usual tagline, but we’re onboard based on the trailer. A colorful title with possible similarities to Super Meat Boy, Spinch looks like a fast-paced platformer that requires you to stay on your toes.

The game spans the course of six worlds, with a unique boss to fight in each. Spinch looks fast and frenetic, and the game benefits from quick restarts with no life limit or game over screens to stop you in your tracks. Here’s the developer feature list, as per the game’s Steam page:

  • A fine-tuned platformer with tight controls to dash, dodge, and jump off surfaces to survive against neon spiders, huge rainbow worms, and bomb-dropping moondogs
  • Plunge into the psychedelia of unique worlds ranging from neon plains, to experiment tanks, to frozen icelands, and all the way to outerspace
  • Face off against enigmatic bosses and shoot them down with your children as ammunition
  • Inviting and replayable for everyone; a speedrunning challenge for the insane
  • Retro-styled visual wonderland with a psychedelic color explosion by award-winning Canadian cartoonist, Jesse Jacobs
  • Original soundtrack combining retro soundbites and circuit-bent electronic sounds to create a unique sound composed by James Kirkpatrick

Will you be picking this one up on September 3? It certainly looks a little different from the norm.


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