Fire Emblem: Three Houses bootleg

Fire Emblem: Three Houses rocked the Switch earlier this year, making waves among critics and fans alike upon its release. One…enterprising developer operating as “Vidodoo0” is trying to take advantage of the famed SRPG’s popularity (and perhaps of Nintendo and Microsoft’s recent partnerships) by slapping its name onto a shoddy-looking platformer. A glance at the game’s Microsoft Store page, which is live as of this article’s writing quickly reveals that whatever Vidodoo0 is selling is not a Fire Emblem game in any way, shape, or form. For posterity, here is a tweet with a screenshot, as well as a gameplay description right from the horse’s mouth.

What Do You Do in Free Fire Emblem heroes altinaThree Houses A Wizards World?

Collect as many coins as you can.

• Use every blue invincibility potion you find (or you will die!).

• Avoid almost everything else (or you will die!).

• Explore the fascinating kingdom around you.

• Destroy enemies with your magic staff or by landing on them (like Mario, or you will die!).

• Find the secret worlds to gain hidden treasure.

• Have fun playing Fire Emblem Three Houses A Free Fire Emblem heroes altina Three Houses !

While the gameplay screenshots on the page resemble an actual action platformer, the shotgun attempts to blanket-mention a bunch of SEO-friendly Fire Emblem search terms, the poorly stretched direct rip of Three Houses’ cover art, and the low price tag and Christmas Eve release date all point to someone trying to score a few quick bucks from a wave of post-holiday shopping.

The only thing really notable about this scam is that it somehow slipped through whatever filters Microsoft has in place. If any of your friends or family soon talk about how disappointed they are in the recent Fire Emblem: Three Houses PC port, however, you’ll know what went wrong.

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