Boundary Break finds undiscovered Animal Crossing: New Horizons secret


Boundary Break is a YouTube series from creator Shesez that looks to find out-of-bounds secrets and new discoveries in beloved games. In the latest episode, the show unveils an undocumented Animal Crossing: New Horizons secret right at the start. However, curb your expectations with this one because though it might be undocumented, it also isn’t the most exciting discovery ever made.

As you can see, this new discovery is nothing more than a low-poly version of Orville’s desk in the external version of the Airport building. This building serves as little more than a gateway to the interior Airport building, which is a completely different location. The low-poly desk indicates that at some point we might have been able to see into the external Airport building, but clearly the developers decided against that in the end. What this could also mean is that there may have been plans to put a low-poly version of Orville inside the external Airport building, but without someone on the development team speaking out, we’ll just never know.

My favorite discovery in the episode has to be the pass stickers on the back of K.K. Slider’s guitar. These reference the two pass menus that the character has been a part of in the franchise’s past, and for them to be so obscured in the game, you can tell that they were a pure labor of love on the development team’s part.


Jamie Sharp
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