doug bowser and his Reggie lesson

Doug Bowser succeeded Reggie Fils-Aimé as Nintendo of America’s President in April. Almost immediately, Nintendo’s fans welcomed Bowser and love him the way they did Reggie. Part of this is due to his name, but Bowser has also left a good first impression on the fans.

This is probably because Bowser had a lot to learn from Reggie. In an interview with Mashable just before E3, Bowser shared one of the most important lessons he learned from Reggie. According to him, the most important things are the characters and the admiration fans have for them:

I think… the most important thing that he shared with me was really just the importance and, if you will, admiration for our great characters and immersive worlds. And then also the passion our fans have for that.

[I need] to make sure that that’s always our focus, to bring smiles to those people’s faces. And that’s been my job since day one, from the moment I arrived at Nintendo all the way until I came into this role.

It’s nice to know that Bowser has the same passion for Nintendo’s fans that Reggie had. Reggie often felt like a mascot more than a businessman. Bowser is also leaning into that persona in his own way.

We look forward to seeing more from Doug Bowser in the future as he interacts with fans all across the region. What do you guys think of him so far? Is he holding up the legacy that Reggie left behind? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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