The Nintendo Switch really marks a transition for Nintendo, with many thinking that it will signal the end of dedicated handhelds for both Nintendo and possibly the gaming industry. Nintendo has been pretty vocal on saying that they aren’t planning on this being the case, with pretty much everyone in the company standing behind this decision. Now, even Nintendo characters are chiming in, with freaking Bowser giving the following quote in a recent interview:

It’s continuing. Here’s the thing. The 3DS provides a different form of gameplay. We still have a two-screen model that the developers are building for. For example, with the Samus game, they’ll have the map on the bottom and the beautiful gameplay up top, so it’s a really neat opportunity to engage in a different style of gameplay, it can be in parallel with the Switch. They can both survive together.

So I have some questions. First off, how do you even get an interview with Bowser? Like, that’s not an easy task. Who is his PR agent? Why does he have an opinion on this subject anyways, it’s not like he’s a real person. How does he know about the new Metroid game? Are characters within the Mushroom Kingdom self-aware? Are they playing games right now? Are they planning a hostile take-over on Earth? Am I the only damn person around here who finds this to be TOO strange that we are now getting industry quotes from CHARACTERS in the games? Is this what journalism is now?

(Phone Rings)

(Fast paced talking)

“Oh…wait. There’s a guy named Doug Bowser at Nintendo? How does THAT even happen?”

(Phone hangs up)

So yeah. I was wrong. Not that Bowser, but this one.

Shawn Long
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