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So, you’ve probably heard by now: Bowsette is taking the internet by storm. Who’s surprised though? I am certainly not. Bowsette, of course, came from the imagination of fans following the reveal of Peachette, so why not speculate at a few more? No, this list won’t see others we’ve covered before. We won’t be wishing for Boosette or Chain-chompette, but we’ll be hoping for waifus we’ve never heard before. Likely, they exist somewhere on the internet — the Nintendo community is too amazing to have not already jumped on most of them — but nevertheless, here is our list of waifus we need in the Mario universe.



That’s right! Yoshi. He’s lovable, he’s a mainstay of the Mario universe, and beyond the idea of him being playable on his own in a Mario game, the idea of a Yoshette design sends our hearts into flutters. Long gone would be the days of Mario throwing his dinosaur companion down a bottomless cavern. Now Yoshette would take the spotlight, long tongue and all. A dinosaur-themed Peach would certainly be a cool sight! We think it’d be rawrsome!



It seems we aren’t destined to get Waluigi as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so Waluigette is the next best thing. Yes, before you ask, she would likely be clad in a moustache, but damn it, she’d still be really cute! Waluigi is as divisive as characters come in the Mario fanbase. Despite that, it’s clear he has his fans! So why not? Let’s make Waluigette a reality, in all her confusing, wonderful glory.



Lakitu, what an often underappreciated character in the Mario universe. Nevertheless, he’s an absolute cutie, and you just know that Lakituette would be even more adorable. We’ve already had Bowsette modded into Super Mario 64, but we think Lakituette could be the perfect fan creation to make next. Naturally, this would make another mod. After all, Lakitu controlled the camera in the classic N64 title, so it would be fantastic to see a Lakituette take that role.



This would certainly be an interesting one, and quite possibly the aptest out of those put forward in this list. That is because Birdo was originally said to be a crossdresser. As such, Birdette is an obvious choice,  so it’s strange that Birdo hasn’t got much Peach-themed appreciation yet. Not only has Birdo been underappreciated in recent Mario spin-offs, but we think that Birdette would be a fantastic addition to the slew of fan-made creations.



It’s magic, you know! Well, at least that’s what we think Kamekette would be. Kamek has only ever seemed an annoyance in Mario games up until this point. However, if we were to get Kamekette, then maybe, just maybe, the character could be in some way likeable.



The western sequel to Super Mario Bros. never gets much appreciation by Nintendo, but it is certainly loved by fans. With that being said, it seems strange that we haven’t seen Wartette’s spread across the internet. Granted, that may be because the name just isn’t that cute, but if Bowsette can get so much love, then Wartette deserves to exist too. Also, she deserves her fair share of love!


Professor E. Gaddette

E. Gadd is undoubtedly a strange little guy. However, his appearances from Luigi’s Mansion onward have made him a truly lovable character. We would love to see E. Gadette come to life! What a quirky little character that would be, and one that would definitely prove to be memorable in all the right ways.

So, who would you like to see get the Bowsette treatment? Tell us in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more coverage of this crazy Bowsette phenomenon as it progresses, right here on Nintendo Enthusiast.

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