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Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition finally got its May release date, but Square Enix’s Bravely Default II‘s is still just listed for a tentative “2020” release date. That’s okay though, because today’s Nintendo Direct Mini dropped the bomb that a Bravely Default II demo is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop at this very moment! What a blindside!

A new trailer and footage for the game may be viewed below, originally from the Nintendo Direct Mini.

As the trailer explains, heroes of light have risen once again, fighting on the continent of Excillant, which comprises “five mighty kingdoms.” Seth, Gloria, Elvis (!), and Adelle are our protagonists this time around. Jobs and BP and most of the stuff you remember seem to have returned for this game. But most importantly, we have to reiterate that one of the characters is named Elvis.

Despite the length of the trailer, there isn’t a gigantic amount of new information conveyed aside from the fact that it’s looking much prettier than the Nintendo 3DS entries. Fortunately, that Bravely Default II demo just sitting on the eShop waiting to be played will probably teach us a lot more.

Now you know how to spend your day. Boy, Square Enix sure has gotten great at releasing demos for its most anticipated games lately, huh?


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