Bravely Default II producers Tomoya Asano and Masashi Takahashi Square Enix apologize for Bravely Second: End Layer Famitsu

Bravely Default II producers Tomoya Asano and Masashi Takahashi of Square Enix talked to Famitsu recently, and an excerpt has been translated at Japanese Nintendo. They discussed the new game and also mentioned Octopath Traveler. Yet surprisingly, the very first thing Asano did in the discussion was apologize for Nintendo 3DS’s Bravely Second: End Layer disappointing some fans.

Asano stated, “Before I talk about (Bravely Default II) in more detail, first of all please allow me to apologize about Bravely Second. Despite receiving a lot of expectations for Bravely Second, we feel like there were parts that didn’t live up to all fans’ expectations. The introspection from Bravely Second has taken a deep, strong root in production for all titles being worked on by our team right now.” Octopath Traveler is one of the games that benefited from that “introspection.”

Takahashi meanwhile stated that Bravely Default II is being designed such that absolute newcomers to the series will have no problem getting into it. The game’s world is being developed in such a way to facilitate this.

Personally, I was never aware of any deep backlash against End Layer, but at the same time, I though the original Bravely Default‘s narrative was so disappointing that it killed my interest in ever playing its 3DS sequel. The combat was stellar though, and it sounds like the new Switch game will, at the very least, continue this trend, if its demo is any indication.


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