The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild first-person gameplay glitch video combat

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been dissected in microscopic detail by its myriad enthusiasts, creating just countless mods and uncovering so many fun or potentially game-breaking glitches. And now we can add one more! A Breath of the Wild glitch that enables first-person gameplay has been discovered. It requires taking out your camera, opening the menu to hold some items, and canceling the hold, as illustrated in some video clips available online. Naturally, being able to play Breath of the Wild in first-person will help video makers create more atmospheric videos or more easily snap certain clips — but it will also kind of make the game like Skyrim if you want it that way.

We have cued up the below video from YouTuber Peco to a specific moment to give a taste of what combat looks like in Breath of the Wild when done in first-person. It’s pretty thrilling, despite the game not being designed to be played like that, though the video also illustrates that the first-person angle will not hold indefinitely. Sometimes, you will have to reset it.

And here’s another clip from Peco just showing off how nice a video you can make from playing in first-person.

I don’t necessarily want a first-person Zelda game, but this Breath of the Wild first-person glitch does make me wonder how a whole game designed for that perspective would play. What do you think of it?


John Friscia
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