Breath of the Wild has a newly discovered infinite jump glitch, moonwalking

There is no end to how much fun there is to be discovered in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, whether it’s intentional or just a bug. Regarding the former, gamers realized just last week The Wind Waker‘s Outset Island might actually be in Breath of the Wild. Regarding the latter, speedrunners have discovered a remarkable infinite jump glitch, also dubbed “moonwalking.” The trick reportedly originates from a player called Melissist.

In a video by Twitter user @HyruleDojo, you can watch Link trip and stutter his way into the sky — and then plummet without taking fall damage!

It’s actually really funny to watch, don’t you think? However, despite appearances, pulling off the infinite jump glitch in Breath of the Wild is really complex. Kotaku explains how to do the trick in depth. But in short, you have to set it up by first performing two other known glitches: “hold smuggling” and “walk on horse.” Hold smuggling allows you to hold any item anywhere you like, and “walk on horse” allows you to walk on your horse after mounting it. Incidentally, “walk on horse” isn’t even possible until you’ve already activated hold smuggling.

Once both glitches are active, you need to kill your horse (Noooo!) or teleport off it (much better). If you kill the horse, you have to paraglide and do some menu-canceling. But once all of that is done, you should now be able to infinite jump, and seemingly only mounting a horse will cancel out the effect. Speedrunners are still working out all the hows/whys of the glitch though.

Its potential ramifications on Breath of the Wild speedrunning remain to be seen, but regardless — it’s just a heck of a lot of fun to watch. Moonwalking is here to stay, folks.

Oh, and if you’re hungry for more glitches, look no further than barrier skip in The Wind Waker — finally achieved after 17 years.


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