Breath of the Wild sequel Gerudo text has been translated?

Any time a new trailer is released for anything in a beloved franchise, the same things happen: Fans rip it to ****ing pieces, going frame by frame to unearth every possible secret. The same is of course true of the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel trailer. A theory is going around that those swirling green lights we see in the trailer are actually Gerudo text, and they spell out a message.

[Update: We have changed our sourcing for this story to reference what we believe is the primary source.]

The below video from Nintendo World Report spells out some of Ganondorf’s history. It also outlines the theory that the Gerudo text spells out “Seal Ganon.” However, not everyone agrees that the things people think they are seeing is what is really in this Breath of the Wild sequel trailer. After all, these are just made-up symbols swirling around fast for a few seconds. It’s possible people are just seeing what they want to see.

In any case, Ganondorf was once of the Gerudo people, so there is a pseudo-canon explanation why Gerudo text might be flying all over the place. Let us know what you think of this theory. We’ll just be here, sitting at our computers, glued to our screens waiting for more info to leak out.


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