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Earlier in the month, we reported that someone had recreated Hyrule from A Link to the Past using LEGO bricks. It seems they weren’t the only fan inspired to bring Zelda‘s world to life! A group called Making Things With Cameras was also feeling the Zelda love, but they used Breath of the Wild as their inspiration. Specifically, they thought it would be fun to recreate that game world as a topographical map. Instead of the usual flat depictions, this map has all the peaks and valleys of the real thing. You can check out an in-depth exploration of how this was accomplished by clicking the video below!

Breath of the Wild Hyrule: A topographical map

A labor of love

This was a long and painstaking progress, and much of the work was done by hand. Beyond scanning the map and crafting all its highs and lows, a lot of work also went into creating the rivers and lakes. It also took quite a while to color and stain the entire topographical map appropriately. He even carved all of the paths and roads into the completed map and added wood pieces for bridges.  It took an incredible effort, but the result is a beautiful tribute to Breath of the Wild and Hyrule.

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