Breath of the Wild’s ‘impossible’ Hateno Village treasure chest has been reached

By 6 months ago

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a fantastic game that will definitely keep you busy for hundreds of hours. There are secrets to be found around every corner, and it can easily become addictive. However, some secrets are seemingly impossible to uncover, as for some reason, Nintendo decided to place treasure chests in the most bizarre, ostensibly unreachable locations. One treasure chest is hidden underneath Hateno Village and is even detected by the Sheikah Sensor’s Treasure Chest upgrade. Up until now, everyone thought that being able to open this chest was impossible. However, El Duende 05 recently uploaded a video showing how to reach it, and a Reddit user by the name of vohnandrew has popularized the method for how to reach the elusive Hateno Village chest.

Actually reaching the chest is quite complicated, as you must utilize glitches and Cryonis. However, all of this effort is seemingly meaningless, as your reward is nothing but a Purple Rupee. Talk about a waste of time, am I right? If I were to guess why the stupid chest was there in the first place, I believe that it was likely used for testing purposes. YouTube channels such as Boundary Break have demonstrated that some developers tend to leave assets in peculiar locations for this reason alone.

Myriad exploits and glitches have been found for Breath of the Wild at this point beyond what was used to open the Hateno Village treasure chest. My favorite glitch is often featured in speedruns, where you launch Link at 100 mph across the map. I bet he enjoys that! What do you make of the Hateno Village treasure chest glitch, and will you be attempting to recreate it?