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Does anyone remember the innovative video game, Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand? The GBA title is unique in that it contained solar weaponry that needed to be charged via real sunlight. Also, Hideo Kojima produced it. However, the RPG was almost even stranger. According to Kojima, he wanted a breath sensor for the game, as well.

A breath sensor to kill enemies? I have that covered with my halitosis

Thanks to a translation of a 2003 issue of Nintendo Dream, gamers now have an insight into some of Kojima’s unrealized ideas for Boktai:

Kojima: Sometime last year, I think, I approached Shigeru Miyamoto at Nintendo and gave a presentation pitch. In the beginning then, it wasn’t just a sunlight sensor – I actually had wanted to include a sensor that measured how your breath smelled too! I *really* wanted to add that! The enemies are vampires, right? So if you ate something garlic-y and breathed on the mic, they’d all die. (laughs)

Everyone: (laughs)

Kojima: “Guys, we have to do this!!” But the rest of the staff all hated the idea.

I could see it being interesting. After you eat gyoza, you get a power boost. (laughs)

Kojima: Yes, then I could have had a sunlight version and a breath version. (laughs) A holy water version might be neat too. Sprinkle water on it and they die.

How these proposals did not make their way into Boktai‘s three sequels is beyond me. Can you imagine pouring water on your GBA to kill vampires? That would have been cool AND voided your warranty!

Enthusiasts, do you think Kojima’s plans were dumb or incredible? Are you glad Nintendo decided on just the light detector and nixed the breath sensor? Let us know below, and have a Happy New Year!

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