Cris Tales opening cinematic

Cris Tales is the game that keeps on giving. We’ve certainly written about the title quite a bit. Also, it feels like ages ago when we first got a glimpse at the RPG during E3 2019. Now, ahead of the game’s launch on July 20, publisher Modus Games has debuted the Cris Tales opening cinematic. And it’s certain to get fans excited for the full experience.

This opening for Cris Tales is stunning

Take a look at the opening below, as your eyes well with tears from its beauty:


It’s gorgeous through and through, from its depictions of violence to its portrayals of peace. Various characters are introduced, and the visuals do a good job of demonstrating the past/present/future time mechanic utilized in the game. From what I can gather, it looks like the main character, Crisbell, is trying to prevent the destruction of the planet using her powers. So intriguing/horrifying!

Cris Tales will be hitting Switch on July 20. You can preorder a physical copy through the official website.

Enthusiasts, did the Cris Tales opening cinematic get you pumped for the adventure? Have you preordered the game already or played the demo? Let us know your thoughts on the animation in the comment field below.

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