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Brie Larson, known Nintendo fan and aspiring Samus Aran actress, recently opened a brief exchange with Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser. Following her ecstatic “YES PLEASE” tweet referring to Luigi’s Mansion 3 and its recent release, Doug Bowser jumped in and asked the Captain Marvel star whether she prefers Luigi or Gooigi. In Larson’s jubilantly jittery response below, she nervously thanked Doug Bowser and reaffirmed her love for Nintendo and Luigi.

While it is a little funny seeing a celebrity of Brie Larson’s caliber so starstruck, can you blame her? I would probably be beside myself if Doug Bowser randomly responded to one of my Nintendo tweets (though I would also be very confused).

This whole exchange, of course, stems from her earlier tweet showing some love to Luigi’s Mansion 3. Despite all of her excitement, it is unclear whether or not Brie Larson has been able to try out the game yet. She is in for a treat when she does. Luigi’s Mansion 3 earned a nine out of ten in our review, where we praised its variety of puzzles, charming ghosts, enhanced gameplay, and significantly expanded multiplayer.

Doug Bowser has not responded to Brie Larson’s tweet yet, but keep an eye on Larson’s twitter to see if the exchange develops any further.

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