Brie Larson sponsorship Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo partner Instagram

Brie Larson and Nintendo have finally made things official after more than a few instances of the Captain Marvel star showing her Nintendo fandom online. In a recent sponsored post to her Instagram account, Brie Larson shared a picture of herself wearing an Animal Crossing shirt while showing off that glorious special edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch console. In the post description, she talked about how she’s totally engrossed in the game and gave her 6.7 million followers a not-so-subtle prod to try it out for themselves.

The extent of Nintendo’s partnership with Brie Larson is unclear, but this sponsored post makes Doug Bowser’s random tweet to her yesterday look more like the product of a partnership rather than a haphazard attempt to capitalize on her love for Nintendo games. The two exchanged brief words on their excitement for the long-awaited release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Don’t be surprised if the two parties continue to collaborate to promote future Nintendo releases. There’s no question that Brie Larson loves a whole lot more of Nintendo’s properties than just Animal Crossing, and she would almost certainly be willing to talk up more projects in the future, or, even better, star in them.

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