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The Bandai Namco drip feed of news is (more or less) finally over. According to the latest issue of Jump in Japan, per Siliconera, the Broly DBS release date in Dragon Ball FighterZ is Dec. 5. Broly DBS marks the end of FighterZ Pass 2, which also included Jiren, Videl, Goku GT, Janemba, and Gogeta SSGSS. A FighterZ Pass 3 has yet to be confirmed, but if Bandai Namco and Arc System Works like easy money, they should probably keep going with it. After all, even Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has confirmed DLC characters beyond its Fighters Pass.

For fast convenience, here’s Broly DBS’s trailer again.

As previously reported, Broly DBS’s moves include Blaster Meteor and Giant Roar, among others. True to his persona in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the character looks like a full-on berserker, with cinematic angles from the film faithfully translated into Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The game’s roster is looking pretty hefty these days, even though it’s still relatively small compared to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2‘s enormous roster, which is set to soon include Super Uub/Majuub. Whom would you still like to see join the fight in Dragon Ball FighterZ? And are you down for a FighterZ Pass 3, or are you ready for Arc System Works to move forward with a sequel? Let us know what you think!

And brace yourself for that Dec. 5 release date.


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