Broly DBS soon in Dragon Ball FighterZ Bandai Namco

Per Siliconera translation of Bandai Namco solicitations, Broly DBS will finally be arriving in Dragon Ball FighterZ in the “coming days.” That’s a little vague, but the publisher always loves to drip-feed details of new characters to the game, as we’ve seen with other characters like Gogeta SSGSS. We also have some small details on how Broly DBS will fight.

Broly’s Super will be Blaster Meteor, which “immediately unleashes powerful energy around his surroundings.” His Meteor Attack is Giant Roar, where he turns Super Saiyan, breaks his armor from being too jacked, and shoots an energy beam out of his mouth. He continues fighting at a higher level of power after landing the attack.

What differentiates Broly DBS from the Broly already present in the game is that this new rendition, stemming from the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is actually canon. The older, long-loved rendition was part of non-canon films. Now, both versions of the character can coexist and pound on each other in Dragon Ball FighterZ, to the delight of all.

In related news, original FighterZ character Android 21 will be coming to cousin series Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 soon. I’m glad to see both of these games continue to flourish, as they really provide different yet still authentic Dragon Ball experiences.


John Friscia
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