BTS Butter song similarity sounds like Nintendo NES Konami game Monster in My Pocket 1992

Alright, look, sometimes it’s just fun to take a pause from news news and look at something weird and/or silly — and that’s what we’ve got here. So, BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan or “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”) is the most famous K-pop group in the world and is earnestly a significant driver for the South Korean economy. One of the group’s most recent releases is the song “Butter,” which released back in May. And today, somebody somewhere somehow realized that the BTS song “Butter” sounds a lot like a song from the 1992 NES Konami game, Monster in My Pocket. (Thanks, AllKPop.)

Internet resources indicate the soundtrack to Monster in My Pocket on NES was composed by Hiroshi Takeyasu and Kozo Nakamura (the latter of whom also composed for Konami’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games), whereas “Butter” was created by a team of songwriters, including BTS group leader RM. Is it possible one of these many songwriters played Monster in My Pocket at some point in life and was unconsciously influenced by its song “Towering Catastrophe” while writing this BTS song? Sure. It could also just be a big coincidence. The one thing that seems really unlikely is that there is plagiarism at work with “Butter,” because I find it really difficult to imagine that somebody ever had the thought, “I am going to steal music from a NES Konami game to write a K-pop smash hit for BTS.”

BTS and “Butter,” Konami and Monster in My Pocket, Nintendo and NES — it’s not a combination anyone ever expected to see in a sentence together. But there it is. Let us know what you think of the similarities between the tracks. And if you need more arbitrary K-pop / Nintendo overlap in your life, check out Twice or Jeon So-Mi‘s collaborations with Nintendo.


John Friscia
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