touhou spell bubble

The universe of Touhou spinoff games is a wild and lawless world, where any and all kinds of games can be made. Touhou fighting game? Sure. Touhou tower defense? Why not. Touhou kart racer? Yes, and developed by ex-Mario Kart staff no less. Even with these spinoffs training me to expect the unexpected, though, the latest one still managed to throw me for a loop. Touhou Spell Bubble is a Bubble Bobble-inspired competitive puzzle game from… the developers of Bubble Bobble themselves, Taito.

Yes, the official revival of the Bubble Bobble series has come in the form of a Touhou spinoff. This game has an interesting twist to that classic bubble-popping gameplay, though. There’s a rhythm game element mixed into the equation, likely requiring you to fire bubbles to the beat of the music.

Said music will surely excite old-school Taito and Touhou fans. Classic Touhou music arrangement artists like IOSIS and Yuuhei Satellite are set to work on the soundtrack for Touhou Spell Bubble, which will include both new and existing Touhou-inspired tracks. Taito sound team Zuntata is also set to make new music for the game.

Plenty of Touhou characters will appear in the game, and as a rare treat, they’ll all be fully voiced. So far, we know that Reimu Hakurei will be voiced by Ayaka Suwa, while Marisa Kirisame will be voiced by Naomi Ohzora.

Touhou Spell Bubble will release on Switch in Japan in February of this year. There is currently no confirmed overseas release.


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