BurgerTime Party

BurgerTime Party! delivers a heaping helping of suped-up BurgerTime that you probably don’t need. But when do you ever need a burger in the first place? In trying to justify the premium price tag, BurgerTime Party! takes a decades-old arcade classic and adds new multiplayer modes and creative, puzzling kitchens to the mix.

Ultimately, the game probably won’t last you too long, but it could surprise you the way it did me. It became an immediate hit with my girlfriend and sisters. There’s a definite chance that you get hooked as you go for gold rankings and high scores, roll through all of the co-op levels, or just play round after round of the surprisingly frantic battle mode. There are certainly better options for your money out there on the eShop, but if you’re craving a portable dose of BurgerTime, you could do much worse than BurgerTime Party!

At its juicy center, BurgerTime Party! is very much its arcade namesake. As a chef working in a restaurant that is not remotely compliant with any health code, you trounce around multi-level kitchens laden with conveyor belts, oil spills, and bursts of flames on your quest to assemble burgers to order by stomping giant ingredients onto the plates below. On the hunt for high scores, you must quickly knock down ingredients, nab collectibles as they appear on screen, and secure combos through chain reactions whenever possible.

Complicating matters are the walking, angry pieces of food trying to ruin your day. Armed with nothing but a few shakes of sneeze-inducing pepper, you have to avoid pickles, eggs, sausages, and donuts, all of whom look eerily like something out of Cuphead. Luckily, the bad guys are not without their merits, as you can earn higher scores by crushing them with falling ingredients. Apparently, nobody at this restaurant complains when their burger comes with unrequested, sentient bits of egg or donut.

BurgerTime Party

Each of the four modes in BurgerTime Party! has something to offer. Solo mode is a puzzling affair where gameplay works as described above. Co-op missions add team members to the mix — while your goal is largely the same, you now have the option to divide up sections of the kitchen, solve various environmental puzzles as a team, and help one another out whenever a marauding sausage knocks someone down. Notably, certain strategies that win gold in Solo will not translate to co-op, where hordes of baddies are not as easily manipulated into following a single person. Those interested in the classic BurgerTime experience can vie for spots on the online leaderboard in Challenge Burger, where you play an endless stream of levels until your lives run out. You can play through this by yourself or with friends.

Battle Burger, the game’s competitive mode, thrives as the most fun new addition in BurgerTime Party! Battle Burger splits players into teams of chef versus food. Cooks try to assemble burgers while avoiding the other team crawling around as evil food. Unfortunately, since merely tapping a chef knocks them out of commission, the battle mode really needs four players to work well. With two teams of two, Battle Burger becomes a frantic race through complicated kitchens. Here, strategic, creative routes will result in either some gorgeously assembled burgers or some very befuddled chefs. When only one player is a cook, however, the round ends once they are so much as tapped by a bad guy. In such scenarios, Battle Burger thus devolves into a game of tag with too many breaks.

BurgerTime Party

BurgerTime Party! is a solid effort to serve up some genuine BurgerTime fun in a brand new wrapper. And for the most part, it succeeds. It could have been better in a few ways. The solo experience is frankly quite lackluster. Plus, even if you have folks to play with, Battle Burger needed more than five maps. The chef’s character art looks like something out of a ’00s Flash game, and a few larger kitchens can be a pain to play through in handheld mode.

Even though the presentation does not always match the high price point, however, BurgerTime Party! does nearly everything you could reasonably ask for between its four fun, varied modes. If you want nothing more than modernized BurgerTime, then you’ll be satisfied with this modern edition. If you were hoping for revolutionized BurgerTime, though, you unfortunately won’t find it here.

Release Date: Oct 08, 2019
No. of Players: up to 4 players
File Size: 314 MB
Category: Arcade, Multiplayer, Party, Puzzle
Publisher: Marvelous (XSEED)
The publisher provided a copy for review.

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BurgerTime Party!


Overall Score



  • Surprisingly fun battle mode
  • Creative, puzzling co-op and solo levels
  • Quite fun as a party game


  • Only five battle maps
  • Unsettling character designs
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