Bushiden delay spring summer 2021, new gameplay video Pixel Arc Studios Metroidvania Nintendo switch

Bushiden is a ridiculously attractive and fluid 32-bit Metroidvania with ninja combat and some “beat ’em up” elements. It had a successful Kickstarter back in late 2018, and indie developer Pixel Arc Studios has been quietly chugging along developing the game ever since. Today, they released a new Kickstarter update showcasing nearly five minutes of new gameplay. They also said they’re delaying Bushiden‘s release into spring or summer 2021, away from its original August 2020 target release, in order to give the title all the time in the oven it needs. Pixel Arc Studios additionally assures everyone that “Everyone who has played early builds of the game has come away very positive and enthusiastic about it,” and they even put that text in bold, so they must be pretty dang adamant about it.

As for the new Bushiden gameplay trailer, it shows off an updated HUD, more music, a new look at various combat techniques, and more of the Shinesei Forest level. Check it out in action.

Strangely, gamers are currently living in a new age of glorious 2D ninja combat games, including Sabotage Studio’s The Messenger, Aarne Hunziker and Yacht Club Games’ Cyber Shadow, and JoyMasher’s early-development Moonrider. The Messenger is out of course, but the rest are still yet to come. Which one are you anticipating the most?

Bushiden will release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam when it arrives in 2021.

[Disclosure: The author of this article backed Bushiden on Kickstarter.]


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