Cake Bash

Developer High Tea Frog and publisher Coatsink are vying for a spot in the Switch eShop’s crowded multiplayer catalog with Cake Bash, a four-player party game set to release on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Steam, and Stadia (remember?) on October 15. Unfortunately, the publishers shared with us that the Switch version of Cake Bash “needs a little more time in the oven,” but it’ll still make it out before the end of 2020. If you’d like to see a little bit of the game in action, check out the short release date trailer below, and then take in some actual gameplay with the announcement trailer from earlier this year. Both trailers come courtesy of Coatsink.

The Switch already has a very crowded local multiplayer scene (obligatory Ultimate Chicken Horse plug), but after watching the gameplay in the announcement trailer, Cake Bash looks like a good time. The minigames on display thus far all appear to take advantage of the game’s overarching dessert theme – in fact, it all looks almost too delicious. Combine that with options to play local, online, and against bots, and plop a $20 price tag of a cherry on top, and you’ve got a pretty compelling package in Cake Bash.

Are you interested in picking up Cake Bash when it launches on Switch later this year? Are you impressed by the footage we’ve seen thus far? Let us know how big of a slice you’re eyeing in the comments below.


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