During Capcom’s presentation today at San Diego Comic Con, a surprise announcement was made: Shin Akuma is an unlockable character in the game. Featured as a boss battle if you complete the game up to M. Bison without losing a single round, Capcom revealed that you can actually play as Shin Akuma today by doing a simple code:

Select Ryu, highlight Color 1, hit B to cancel.

Select Ken, highlight Color 9, hit B to cancel.

Select Sagat, highlight Color 8, hit B to cancel.

Select M. Bison, highlight Color 7, hit B to cancel.

Select Random, press L and R simultaneously to choose Shin Akuma.

Shin Akuma is a very powerful form of Akuma who deals huge damage but has low defense. Shin Akuma also features a Double Air Hadoken. As Shin Akuma is very powerful, he cannot be used in local wireless play or online battles.

It’s nice to see Capcom included this Easter Egg in the game however!

Shawn Long
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