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Video game journalist Liam Robertson has shared a new Game History Secrets video on the DidYouKnowGaming? YouTube channel largely about how the Dead Rising franchise fell apart. However, on that same note, it is also about the trials and tribulations of the Capcom Vancouver studio that helmed the series starting with Dead Rising 2, a studio that was ultimately shut down with over 150 laid off in September 2018. Robertson provides a great deal of information that was never known before. Among other things, at different periods, Capcom Vancouver pitched new projects for Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Mega Man, Onimusha, Gun.Smoke, and Lost Planet, all of which were ultimately vetoed by Japan.

Capcom Vancouver and the ghosts of Resident Evil X, Lost Star, Broken Horizon, and more

At 12:39 in the video, you can hear how, between 2013 and 2014, Vancouver submitted a “series of unsuccessful pitches.” One was “Resident Evil X” or “REX,” an action-centric Resident Evil spinoff that was vetoed due to the lukewarm reception to all of the action in Resident Evil 6. Another was a Dino Crisis revival that spent a few months in the pitching phase before rejection. Then there was a pitch for Onimusha that received no elaboration, as well as a pitch for a new “sidescrolling adventure” Mega Man. (Update: Per Twitter, Robertson believes there were actually two Mega Man projects, one of which was a Metroidvania that “didn’t get far.”) When none of these projects were ultimately approved, Capcom Vancouver just chose to focus all of its manpower on Dead Rising 4.

At 26:06 in the video, you can hear about a couple more pitches that began to form around the end of 2016, this time as reimaginings of classic IP. Vancouver attempted to take the 1985 shooter Gunsmoke and transform it into a sci-fi team-based open-world shooter called Lost Star, with flavors of Guardians of the Galaxy and Cowboy Bebop. The studio also attempted to reboot Lost Planet with a title called Broken Horizon, which would have offered four-player co-op and mech suits for battling giant monsters and protecting your base from bandits. Capcom rejected both pitches in early 2017, due to the former having too expansive a scope and the latter requiring maybe too much budget to reboot a “relatively niche” franchise.

The video has even more secrets where that came from, especially for the failed development of Dead Rising 5, so be sure to give it a watch. And if you love Capcom and also happen to love Animal Crossing: New Horizons, check out our enormous collection of relevant codes.


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