Ace Attorney Trilogy Capcom eShop sale Justice for all

Like plenty of other publishers and storefronts, Capcom is closing out the decade with some great deals spotlighting plenty of fan favorites. The sale, which runs until 11:59 PM PT on December 29, features games from popular franchises such as Ace AttorneyResident EvilMega Man, and more, and will be a great opportunity for plenty of new Switch owners to bolster their fledgling libraries during the gift-giving season. Some of the most enticing deals in Capcom’s sale are listed out below. and you can see the full listing here.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy — $19.99 — 33% off

OKAMI HD — $11.99 — 40% off

Resident Evil Revelations and Revelations 2 — $9.99 each — 50% off

Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle — $9.99 — 50%


Mega Man Legacy Collection — $5.99 — 60% off

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice — $11.99 — 60% off

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy — $11.99 — 60% off

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition — $4.99 — 75% off

Wii U

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate — $7.99 — 80% off

Resident Evil Revelations — $7.99 — 80% off

The 3DS and Switch have some pretty sweet deals, here, while the two Wii U offerings are less impressive (why do they still have a $40 default price in this day and age?). Will you be picking any Capcom classics up?

The deep discounts on Ace Attorney games are the most enticing in my eyes, especially if you’re a 3DS owner. The Mega Man and Resident Evil Revelations sales are also quite tempting.

Will you grab anything from this sale? Let us know in the comments.





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