Originally having had debuted in the Super Mario Galaxy series, Captain Toad returned for more adventure in a collections of Super Mario 3D World entitled The Adventures of Captain Toad. While only a small portion of the entire game, it was generally well received by critics, including myself. Despite this reception, we\’ve heard no word about the captain’s whereabouts.

In an interview with EDGE magazine (via), Koichi Hayashida, co-director of Super Mario 3D World, gave us a clue about what the man is up to, stating that they may “consider doing something with [the Captain Toad] feature in the future” if enough interest is generated.

We thought they were a lot of fun, so we’re really glad everyone likes them too. If enough fans express such enthusiasm, we’d consider doing something with this feature in the future.

Koichi Hayashida also notes that these minigames were not inspired by smartphone games (Thanks Danny Alfonso for catching the initial error).

They weren’t inspired by smartphone games. The idea was to design a game that would become even more fun as you play through it, and this influenced the pace of the game, effectively increasing the rhythm. We felt that a short challenge with quick results would be a good motivation for players to advance onto the next course.

So what\’ll it be? Are you all as eager to see Captain Toad make yet another return? Share your thoughts below.


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