Have any of you fellow gamers picked up Carrion? You should; it’s quite good. If you had downloaded the title from launch, though, you might have noticed something different today when booting it up on Switch. The old menu icon is now different.

Farewell, vaginal Carrion

Take a look at the header up above. The image on the left is the original icon, while the one on the right is the replacement. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why Nintendo would want the first picture altered.

Devolver Digital, Carrion‘s publisher, lamented the loss on Twitter with a cheeky message, while also demonstrating why the figure was changed by contrasting it with two first-party titles:

While I’ll miss the original photo, the new one does a better job of illustrating what the player is getting into when playing Carrion. The game is more about eating scientists through the use of tentacles than reproductive organs.

Enthusiasts, what do you think of Carrion‘s icon change? Was it too graphic or is Nintendo being overly cautious? How the hell did it get through peer review in the first place? Sound off with your answers to all these questions in the comment section below.


Arthur Damian
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