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Konami announced Castlevania Resurrection for Sega Dreamcast way, way back in 1999, but it was later delayed indefinitely and quietly canceled. The publisher does not seem to be on record as offering an official reason for the cancellation, but waning enthusiasm for Dreamcast is believed to be part of it. Indeed, the game’s art director, Greg Orduyan, has explained it mostly had to do with the rise of PlayStation 2. In any case, although Castlevania Resurrection had been shown to the press before, the game was believed to be dead and lost to time.

But nope! Here it is, in the video below, somehow. It’s uncertain how someone got their hands on a build of the game — and unfortunately there are no announced plans yet to share it with the public — but what is certain is that Castlevania Resurrection lives. With a press of the start button, a menu appears in the build that apparently allows the player to jump straight to one of five different areas, including an area full of fireballs and (non-lethal?) lava. It is apparently a pre-E3 demo.

The game was to be set in 1666, with the protagonists being now-non-canon Castlevania Legends‘ Sonia Belmont and a character named Victor Belmont. Victor was from the 1800s and apparently wanted to shunt his vampire-fighting duty but gets pulled back in time to battle vampires with Sonia somehow.

How do you feel knowing that Castlevania Resurrection still exists out there somewhere? You can check out additional screenshots and details on the game at The Video Game Museum.


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