Cat Cafe Manager Nintendo Switch PC release date Q1 2022 Freedom Games Roost Games

Publisher Freedom Games and developer Roost Games have announced that Cat Cafe Manager is coming to Nintendo Switch, alongside its previously announced PC release, in Q1 2022. The game was originally intended to launch in fall 2020, then 2021, so hopefully 2022 is the earnest finish line. Cat Cafe Manager is exactly what it sounds like — a game where you manage granny’s old cafe, adopt stray cats, and befriend the locals, and there’s a breezy, adorable art style to go along with it all.

Like people, each cat has its own personality and look, but also its own stats to maneuver. Cafe staff also have assigned roles and must be trained to improve their skills. The village of Caterwaul has plenty of colorful locals, and fostering relationships with them will be a notable part of the gameplay. Decorating the cafe, selecting furniture to give it a distinct style, and identifying the right food to serve will all factor into the gameplay as well. You can get a glimpse of gameplay in a teaser trailer released last year.

Cat Cafe Manager fits perfectly alongside another Freedom Games title announced for Nintendo Switch today, To the Rescue!, a dog shelter simulation game. So whether you’re Team Cat or Team Dog (or both!), you definitely have something new to look forward to on Switch. (Team Cat #1, by the way.)

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