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Though it’s only a few short days until the release of The Crown Tundra expansion for Pokémon Sword and Shield, we’re still getting some new information trickling out. On the most recent episode of Japanese Pokémon variety show Pokéchi, we got a deeper look at how the new Dynamax Adventures feature will work. Of particular note from this though, is the fact that while you can only catch a given Legendary Pokémon one time, this catch is guaranteed.

The Dynamax Adventures mode in The Crown Tundra allows you to team up with up to three trainers and venture through a Pokémon den. Using a rental team, you’ll have to work together to take down 3 Dynamax Pokémon on your journey, all while managing your health and PP. At the end of this tunnel lies a Legendary Pokémon in wait as a final challenge. Taking this creature down will give you the chance to catch it.

Dynamax Adventures


Notoriously, Legendary Pokémon are among the hardest to catch in games, but Dynamax Adventures takes a slightly different approach. As long as you can get to the end and defeat the creature, you are guaranteed to catch it. It’s unknown right now if these creatures are shiny locked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be the case. The trade-off is that you can only catch each creature once. Though this is the tiniest bit disappointing, it’s not unexpected. Every other game only allows you to catch each Legendary once, and Sword and Shield are no different. The value in Legendaries is that they’re rare, so if you can catch as many as you want, it diminishes that value.

In my mind, this raises a bigger question. Currently, the biggest draw of Dynamax Adventures is the ability to acquire Legendary Pokémon from all previous generations. Eventually though, given the one capture restriction, you’ll run out of new ones to chase down. At this point, will the remaining benefits be enough to keep trainers coming back to the mode? We’ll get this answer soon, as The Crown Tundra launches this Thursday!


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