Celeste chapter 9

As the wait for the upcoming Chapter 9 DLC in Celeste continues, fans can get excited about recent tweets from developer Matt Thorson and composer Lena Raine. The tweets gave a small progress update and stated that the DLC features a bit more content than originally planned thanks to the addition of a story and lots of new music.

Thorson does not provide any details about what the story will entail, just that it exists, that it was originally not going to be included, and that the script is just about wrapped up. Powerful characters pushed Celeste’s story to, pardon the pun, great heights. The return of these character-driven experiences gives Chapter 9 a ton of potential.

Just in case we were not hyped enough already, composer Lena Raine revealed that a bit more work than expected also went into new music for the DLC. They did not give many details, only stating that, while originally planning only about four tracks, a lot more have been written.

Seeing how much passion the developers have for this project makes it easy to understand how the original game came to be so amazing. As a huge fan of¬†Celeste, I was already all in when the DLC was revealed and only sounded like a challenge pack. Seeing updates like this only makes me more excited, and gives me confidence that the Chapter 9 DLC will be similarly bursting with the same love and careful craftsmanship that made the base game shine. Now, just to survive the wait…

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