Celeste Classic 2

Celeste is a tough as nails platformer that is also one of the finest indies ever created. As it turns out, the game celebrated its third anniversary yesterday. To commemorate the occasion, one of the title’s creators, Maddy Thorson, tweeted out news of a sequel to Celeste Classic, a minigame that can be found hidden in-game or online. Simply titled Celeste Classic 2, the game follows a new protagonist named Lani.

Celeste Classic 2 is super hard on a keyboard

Check out Maddy’s announcement below:

Wow, created in three days? That’s impressive.

For those who are interested in trying this bite-sized adventure out, you can play it in your browser here. It differs from Celeste Classic in that Lani uses a grappling hook instead of a dash to climb the mountain. Also, you have to use a keyboard, which makes even the simplest of jumps a herculean task.

No word yet on if Celeste will receive a patch to add this celebratory side story, but here’s hoping.

Enthusiasts, are you planning to attempt Celeste Classic 2? Do you have fast fingers that are skilled in the art of wall jumping? Let us know in the comment field below.

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