Forget beating Dark Souls with a banana; playing Celeste with a rock climbing hangboard is the new wave. In what might be one of the most inventive interpretations of the “play a hard game with a ridiculous controller” trope that I have ever seen, Redditor jwhops hooked up a modified hangboard (a sort of in-home training device for rock climbing) to his Switch, and then played Celeste with it.

In the provided video, which was uploaded directly to Reddit, jwhops shows the hangboard controller in action by clearing a screen in the game. Looks more than a little exhausting, so I do not blame him for stopping after one bit of Celeste. 

A hangboard is really a very fitting choice for a weird controller in a game about climbing a mountain. Still, the stunt makes me wonder–Celeste is hard enough already. How far can you feasibly get in the game with a rock climbing wall as a controller? Are the B-Sides even remotely attemptable? What about any of the DLC’s 100+ levels? Probably not, but human stubbornness has produced significantly stranger results.

Do you think you could take on Celeste with a rock climbing wall? Is this the weirdest concept for a video game controller you’ve seen? Can you come up with anything more fitting? Let us know what you think in the comments.


Andrew Rockett
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