Celeste Chapter 9 DLC Towerfall

Celeste was a hit among gamers everywhere last year, and many fans have hoped for more content in the future. And why wouldn’t they be? A new chapter was just released for the game, and the title is still as challenging and fun as it was when it first released. However, Matt Thorson is looking to start new projects with Extremely OK Games. Unfortunately, this means a Celeste sequel is not on the calendar.

When speaking with IGN, Thorson explained the team’s decision to move on from Celeste.

We really don’t want to make a sequel to [Celeste]. Maybe in the future we’ll change our minds, but right now we don’t know how we’d do a sequel justice. And besides, we’re way more interested in making something new for our next full release.

In addition to this saddening news, Thorson discussed the recently released Chapter 9 and why it was free.

First of all, we really should be charging for it. [We] don’t like setting expectations that expansions of this size should be free. We want to be clear to our audience that we’re only able to release this for free because we’re in a very fortunate position right now, and that this really isn’t a reasonable thing to expect from any developer, including us, in the future.

So while it’s incredible that the new Celeste update brings a plethora of content to the game for free, it’s likely the last we’ll see of it. Of course, as Thorson mentioned, plans for the future could change. But for now, we’ll need to have fun the new update and enjoy the Celeste for what it is now.

What do you guys think? Is Celeste fine as a standalone game? Does it need a sequel? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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