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Celeste and Towerfall have been on sale on the eShop for an absurd $5 each. The two crown jewels of Extremely OK Games’ catalog, both games are masterpieces in their respective genres, Celeste is one of the best 2D platformers ever made, with a touching story about accepting and overcoming your own demons that has never been more appropriate. Towerfall, meanwhile, is arguably the definitive indie multiplayer title. It’s one of the best couch multiplayer games ever put together. Both are great for dozens of hours of entertainment. At $5 each, these are no-brainer buys. If you’ve somehow avoided each title thus far, take this opportunity to grab them for cheap! If you aren’t convinced, check out some excerpts below of my prior gushings over each title. If you are convinced, head over the eShop soon: the sale ends tomorrow. There are links to each game’s store page at the bottom of this article.

CelesteNintendo Enthusiast Game of the Year runner up, 2018

Celeste took the gaming world by storm upon its release in January [2018]. This sensational precision platformer has all the makings of a standout in the genre—fantastic level design, tight controls, a lovely aesthetic, and a beautiful soundtrack—but it is further enhanced by its atmosphere, character development, and themes. Celeste’s central message is one of overcoming your greatest obstacles and inner demons. This is reflected in the narrative and in the gameplay, where players are supplied with a constant stream of encouraging messages as they struggle to climb Celeste Mountain. The final result is as rewarding as it is challenging, cementing Celeste’s place among the greatest indies and greatest platformers.

Towerfall – not our 2018 game of the year runner up but still absurdly good

TowerFall is a cult classic, and that’s all well and good, but it really should just be a full-on classic. Without exaggeration, TowerFall is easily one of the best local multiplayer games ever made. Despite the simplistic formula and controls, it is hard to play without getting sucked in for hours at a time. It is a fantastic game that belongs in any local multiplayer library. The added Switch content (six-player mode, Celeste characters, and new variants) is a welcome bonus to a game already well worth the price of admission. The heart-pounding satisfaction gained from TowerFall is incredible; it is some of the most fun I have ever had gaming with friends.

While Towerfall might not be worth your time if you have nobody to play local multiplayer with, you really should get Celeste. Seriously, just hop on the eShop now and grab ’em both (here are links: Towerfall, Celeste) Each game is fluid, tough, immensely rewarding, and nearly impossible to put down.

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