CERO ratings board to resume operations in Japan this week


The CERO ratings board in Japan is set to reopen later this week on May 7. This news comes from Japanese site Game’s Talk by way of Nibel on Twitter. The CERO ratings board closed in early April as a state of emergency was declared in Japan. The state of emergency was part of an effort to keep as many people at home as possible, slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the country.

Now an official statement has been issued on behalf of CERO per Siliconera translation: “The organization has been temporarily closed due to the government’s declaration of a state of emergency regarding COVID-19 and at the request of the Governor of Tokyo to refrain from going outside. Business will resume on May 7. We apologize for any concerns or worries.”

In addition to the company opening its doors once more, they’ve been discussing a new telework system, allowing employees to work remotely. Operating times will also be altered so that any staff who needs to come into the office will be able to avoid peak travel times.

By the time staff are back in the CERO office, the ratings board will have been closed for a full month. As what is effectively the Japanese equivalent of the ERSB, at least some delays are expected.

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