Dragalia Lost Mega Man: Chaos Protocol robot master details

As part of Dragalia Lost‘s first anniversary celebration, director Yuji Okada revealed the “Mega Man: Chaos Protocol” crossover event. Last month we received a little information about “Chaos Protocol,” but Okada dumped a whole bunch more on us in today’s “This Month in Dragalia Lost” post.

Mega Man: Chaos Protocol details

Okada reconfirmed that Mega Man would be the only adventurer players could obtain this time around. This is a change from the Fire Emblem Heroes crossover, which had four characters. However, “all players who participate in the event and fulfill certain conditions” can unlock the Blue Bomber for their team. Normally this is done by playing with the event character enough to build up their friendship, but the wording here is curiously ambiguous.

Additionally, while Mega Man is technically a wand user, it seems he’ll be able to use special technological weapons that will grant him special abilities. They can also give other adventurers the iconic Charge Shot. Instead of shapeshifting into his equipped dragon, he will jump onto Rush Jet and be able to attack in multiple directions.

Finally, among other fun tidbits like his death animation and new wyrmprints, Okada also revealed that the music for the Chaos Protocol event would be made of arrangements of classic Mega Man tunes. Yes, this includes “Wily Stage 1” from Mega Man 2. And by “meeting certain conditions” again, you’ll be able to hear the original tracks.

A Monsteropolis Yankee in Prince Euden’s Dragalia Lost Court

Finally, we get a tiny glimpse at what playing with Mega Man looks like. Fans of both series will immediately notice the weapon bars for Metal Blade and Leaf Shield. Dragalia Lost‘s chibi style reminds me more than a little bit of the style from Mega Man Powered Up. We’ll be getting a video in a couple weeks showcasing our boy Rock in action. It’s clear the team isn’t kidding around when they say they’re “working hard to make sure Mega Man’s actions are true to the source material” for Chaos Protocol.

As you can probably tell, I’m beyond excited for this event. Soon I’ll be getting to play with one of my all-time favorite characters in my current mobile game obsession. I’m curious to see how a 2D platforming legend will play in a 2.5D isometric dungeon crawler, and I can’t wait to find out.

How about you? Are you as excited as I am forĀ Dragalia Lost‘s Mega Man: Chaos Protocol crossover? Gearing up your wand dojos to make sure the super fighting robot can handle the top-tier missions? Looking forward to hearing yet another remix of “Wily Stage 1”? Let us know!


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