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Super Mario Maker was a big hit on Wii U. Players finally had the ability to imagine, create, play, and share their own custom Mario creations. Unfortunately, its sales potential was limited by Wii U’s low install base. Nintendo is fixing that by bringing a new and improved sequel to the much more popular Nintendo Switch! You can get your hands on Super Mario Maker 2 on June 28. When you do, you’ll have access to a new Story Mode.

Peach’s Castle has fallen into disrepair, and it’s up to you to fix it. You’ll have to take on challenges and complete courses to earn coins. You can then spend these coins to fix up the castle, and you’ll unlock new areas along the way. In total, Story Mode features over 100 levels, making it essentially an entire Mario game. But what are these levels like? Nintendo World Report went hands-on with the game and uploaded fifteen minutes of footage, which you can check out below!

A look at Story Mode

From this footage, we can see a wide variety of game styles and level types. There are frozen tundras, underground caves, a castle full of lava, and even a vertical-scrolling level. There are also some interesting objectives, like completing the level without jumping. The airship level is essentially an escort mission, which is an interesting twist. I can’t wait to make my own Goomba claw machine!

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