Only a few months remain before River City Girls rocks city streets! This time around, usual Kunio-kun protagonists Kunio and Riki take the backseat as their girlfriends Kyoko and Misako take centerstage. If you’re itching for more after that gorgeous debut trailer, then don’t fret; Arc System Works recently hosted demos of the WayForward-developed beat-em-up during Anime Expo, with footage now making the rounds online. We have eight whole minutes of it (albeit off-screen) from GameXplain, which you can check out below:

From what we glean from the footage, you can tailor River City Girls to your sensibilities, with adjustable difficulty and friendly fire-toggling available from the get-go. Cutscenes seem to play out between stages in stylized manga fashion (albeit left-to-right). The game also features occasional pop-ups for tips with classic River City sprites attached!

As for the gameplay, you can watch Kyoko and Misako take on one of the bosses further in, the hulking Misuzu—complete with a fully animated intro sequence for the beautiful behemoth.

River City Girls launches digitally on September 5 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with a physical release from Limited Run Games to follow. Are you planning on getting the game? What do you make of the new footage? Share your thoughts with us below!

Jeffrey McDonell
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