Cowboy Bebop Super Smash Bros. fan trailer opening

The internet is filled with creative fan projects surrounding games, whether it be YouTube videos or full games themselves. One of my favorite aspects of all this is when someone decides to combine two things to create something interesting. YouTube channel harthur has done exactly that, combiningĀ Cowboy Bebop and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If you’re unfamiliar with the former, Cowboy Bebop is an excellent anime from the 1990s that is well-known, among other things, for its stylish opening. The video in question transports various Super Smash Bros. characters into this specific opening, and it all goes together extremely well.

Throughout the opening, we see various fighters from the game. The fighters that don’t appear visually are credited in the opening credits sequence. At the end of the video, harthur even references the whole #FreeMelee debacle. My favorite part of this opening is right at the beginning where we see Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. The colors in the background and his Limit Gauge look beautiful in this art style.

Harthur has additionally released a follow-up video that compares the original Cowboy Bebop opening to theĀ Super Smash Bros. recreation. What do you think of this creative mash-up opening?


Jaimie Ditchfield
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