Animal Crossing fans are sure to appreciate this. Nintendo has released a few amazing Animal Crossing rewards on My Nintendo! One that fans of the series are sure to appreciate is an official Animal Crossing calendar which includes the Birthdays for practically every character. Now there’s no excuse to forget your favorite villager’s special day!

Fans can claim the calendar on My Nintendo rewards in both North America and Europe for 80 Platinum points. On the North American My Nintendo, there’s also a few extra Animal Crossing rewards to check out. They include a Holiday wallpaper for 50 Platinum points and Holiday cards for 30 Platinum points. They are definitely worth checking out for any Animal Crossing fan.

Will you be claiming these rewards? It’s great to see Nintendo release Animal Crossing goodies, especially since the Switch title is set to release next year. To claim these rewards, head over to the official My Nintendo website. As always be sure to share all your thoughts with us in the comments down below!


Veronica Carusi
Hello gamers, I'm a writer currently living in Toronto. I love all things Nintendo, especially the GameCube era and Animal Crossing! If you ever want to chat Nintendo, you've come to the right place.


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